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  • I charge $400 per hour for mediation services including time spent reading pre-mediation submissions, preparation time, telephone conferences and mediation sessions. 

  • I charge $200/hour for travel time for matters outside the Denver metro area plus all expenses including airfare, hotel, meals, parking, car rental and ground transportation. For travel outside the Denver metro area there is a minimum charge of $1500 per day including all travel days. 

  • Deposits are required for all arbitrations and for mediations where I must incur travel expenses prior to billing.

  • I charge a late cancellation fee of $1500 per day if a matter set for one or two days is cancelled with less than 30 days notice and I am unable to fill the day with another matter. For matters where the number of days scheduled are more than two days (most arbitrations are scheduled for one or more weeks), the cancellation fee is $1500 per day if the case or any part of it is cancelled with less than 60 days notice and I am unable to fill the day(s) with another matter. To the extent that I am able to book another case on a day that was cancelled late, there is no late cancellation fee. 

  • For mediations, counsel are responsible for paying my fees. For arbitrations the fees are paid in advance as deposits.
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