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: I have experience in a wide variety of substantive legal areas as well as various conflict settings. I have mediated cases involving only two parties as well as cases involving forty parties and most everything in between. I have mediated disputes involving parties who must continue working together after the mediated dispute is resolved as well as cases in which the parties will never see each other again once the dispute is resolved. Each case requires the right mix of facilitative and evaluative skills. The mediation process itself as well as the skills utilized must address the process needs of the parties in that specific dispute. My approach is to analyze the conflict setting, determine the parties' process needs and then manage the process so that those needs are met. While this does not guarantee resolution it does maximize the opportunities for settlement. 

Arbitration: To render value as an arbitrator, one must be completely fair and even-handed, capable of thoughtful, thorough analysis of the issues/evidence presented, available to the parties/counsel and prompt in one's rulings. One must also manage the arbitration process so that the finality of the arbitration award is secured for the parties. This is my approach to arbitration.

Med-Arb: I have served as the med-arbiter in several cases. This hybrid process can be useful but has some potential drawbacks. When appropriately utilized it can save the parties time and money. I am pleased to discuss this process option with anyone considering its use. 

Special Master: I have served as a court appointed special master in complex civil suits including managing discovery and resolving discovery issues as they arise.

Early Neutral Evaluation and Mock Trial: I have rendered service in these pre-trial evaluative processes and would be pleased to discuss their utilization in your case.

Facilitation: I have facilitated very large community public policy meetings, school board retreats, meetings of boards of directors, city council retreats, departmental strategic planning sessions and the like. 

Info Needed To Set a Case 
The information requested in this PDF must be provided to set a case for mediation.

Sample Setting Notice 
This is an example of the setting notice utilized in mediation cases to be conducted within the Denver metro area. (2022 Update)

Sample Setting Notice (matters outside of metro-Denver area)
This is an example of the setting notice utilized in mediation cases to be conducted outside the Denver metro area. (2022 Update)

Bio Addendum re: Construction Matters
This provides additional detail as to my experience in construction related disputes.

Bio Addendum re: Intellectual Property Matters 
This provides additional detail as to my experience in IP related disputes.





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